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[e-mail:] Unabridged, 2013, 336 pages, ISBN: 978-958-279-256-7 Original publication date: 2011. ISBN: 978-958-279-256-7 The book is divided into four main topics: 1- The basics of Vetter as a robot. 2- An overview of the Vetter database system. 3- Vetter offers a range of products for veterinarians. 4- The operations of a Vetter dealer. Vetter was founded in 1980 and is a manufacturer of veterinary electronic products for veterinary clinics, veterinarians, pet shops, livestock and fish farms, zoos and other businesses using live stock and pets. Vetter has introduced a robot (robotic veterinary clinical assistant, ROCA) that has become very popular and practical to the use of electronic devices in the veterinary field. Vetter´s objectives: • Prove the feasibility of the idea of ​​the ROCA by demonstrating its usefulness to everyday life and the veterinary clinic. • Explain why this is a better choice than the use of different electronic devices with the same functions. What you will learn: • The ROCA and the many different devices that can be used together with it. • The database system that stores data on each animal. • The tools that can be used to manipulate data. • A first step towards the introduction of the ROCA in the veterinary clinic. What you will need: • Your knowledge of electronics. • You must have basic programming skills. • You will need to understand the use of a computer. • The most important thing is the need for a computer. Why you should read this book: • It helps you to become familiar with this type of robot. • It shows you how this robot could be useful in your everyday life. • It helps you to find a good partner in case you would like to introduce the robot in your practice. • You will know how to use the product and you can help other people get started with it. PEDIATRIC OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY HOMEOSTASIS AND HYPOTOSTASIS EDF BIO-QUALITY OBJECTIVES: • The book aims to provide a complete and exhaustive revision of the subject of the EDF BIO-QUALITY OBJECTIVES: • The book aims to provide a complete and exhaustive revision of the subject of Bio-Quality



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